Hoera!! Maja Simisic - Maja's wedding is geslaagd!

Dankzij 28 donaties die samen € 1.099 opleverden voor Maja Simisic.
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Maja's wedding

Support me in covering the material costs for my experimental public intervention aka my wedding!

Maja  Simisic
Maja Simisic

I am Maja, young emerging artist from Serbia surviving in the Netherlands. Currently I am busy organising my wedding! Go support my dreams!

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  • Hoera!

    Hoera! Het project heeft de drempel van 80% gehaald! De maker past de begroting aan om het project toch door te laten gaan.

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    € 50 of meer
    Assisting wedding dress try out (gezellig)

    On the 2nd and 4th of June we will organise an excursion to go to a bridal dress shop. There I will try on bridal dresses for the special day and you will be invited to share your opinion and be there with me! Donate 50 euros or more and be one of few of the chosen once to be part of this very special moment in a bride's life. p.s. please leave your phone number or email address for easier contacting. :)

  • € 10 of meer
    Behind the scenes v.i.p access

    By donating 10 euros you will have access to behind the filming and process of this project. There is a lot that happens and we don't post everything on social media so this would be high class entertainment just for you! When you donate we would share a link with you via email with an online folder with videos and other material we came across while working on this. p.s. please leave your email for easier contacting :)

  • € 20 of meer
    Personalized wedding invitation just 4 u

    By donating 20 euros you will receive a personalized printed beautiful wedding invitation signed by me sent to your home address. Please while donating leave your email address and home address for easier contacting.

  • € 100 of meer
    A printed wedding picture of me on quality paper

    By donating 100 euros you will receive to your home address a very special print of a photo-shooting we recently did in my wedding dress. Next to the print you will receive a special note from me as well!

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    Ik wil dit project graag steunen en hoef hiervoor geen tegenprestatie te ontvangen

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