Hoera!! Katharine Dain - Katharine & Sam's Second CD! is geslaagd!

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Katharine & Sam's Second CD!

Katharine Dain and Sam Armstrong are recording a 2nd album after their Edison win for Best Debut!

Katharine Dain
Katharine Dain

American/Dutch singer of opera, chamber music, orchestral and oratorio repertoire, and song

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    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

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    a digital download

    We'll send you the whole album in high-quality digital format, plus all the carefully prepared liner notes, texts, translations, and artwork, to enjoy as soon as the disc is released in November 2023.

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    a huge thank-you

    Every contribution will get us closer to our goal. We'll send you a heartfelt message of gratitude for your interest and help.

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    a sneaky early single

    We'll send you a specially chosen track from the finished album edit in the fall of 2023, before the whole disc is released. You'll be among the first to hear the results of our work.

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    a signed CD and gift

    We'll mail you a physical copy of the finished disc signed by both of us, with a personal note and an extra surprise, as soon as it's released.

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    a personalized song

    Katharine and Sam will record you a short song--for a birthday, or a holiday song, or maybe even a special request. + You will also receive a signed copy of the finished CD and an extra surprise gift.

  • € 500 of meer
    a virtual private concert

    We'll plan and perform a set of songs just for you, on whatever digital platform works best, arranged individually. Afterwards we'll raise a glass with you and have a virtual visit. + You will also receive a signed copy of the finished CD and an extra surprise gift.

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