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Wild Child ceremonial cacao

Wij zijn Eva & Malou. Wij maken 100% pure chocolade om heerlijke en gezonde cacaodrankjes van te maken.

Wild Child Cacao
Wild Child Cacao
Chocolatemakers & shakers

Wij zijn Eva en Malou van Wild Child cacao. 100% pure cacao gemaakt vanaf de boon, zonder toevoegingen. Alleen lievvde! :D

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    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

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    € 75 of meer
    Wild Child cacao 500gr. + online cacao ceremony

    Join Eva on this magical cacao ceremony in January. Excusively for 15 people! Including 500 grams of our finest Wild Child Cacao in limited edition artbox.

  • € 10 of meer
    Donation with Karma points

    Share your love for good chocolate by adding any amount to our project. Karma points and love from us in return! Including a personal thank you note and 10% discount.

  • € 15 of meer
    Wild Child Cacao ceremonial dose for 2

    A block of 80 grams of our finest ceremonial cacao to make a ceremonial drink for you +1. Including instructions. Free shipping.

  • € 29 of meer
    Hot Chocolate Shaker

    Our favorite way to prepare a perfect foamy cacao drink is with this hot chocolate shaker. Add the cacao, water and shake! Free shipping.

  • € 35 of meer
    Cacao ritual surprise box

    We've composed a kit for you that has all you need to create your own cacao ritual. Including 80 grams of cacao, playlist & instructions. Free shipping.

  • € 42 of meer
    1x Wild Child Cacao 500 gr.

    A beautiful block of our finest 100% pure ceremonial cacao, easy to break into portions. Packed in our limited edition ecofriendly artbox! Free shipping

  • € 67 of meer
    Wild Child Cacao 500gr. + Shaker

    One block of our finest ceremonial cacao 500 gram in limited edition artbox + a hot chocolate shaker. All you need to create a frothy cacao drink. Free shipping.

  • € 120 of meer
    3x Wild Child Cacao 500gr.

    3x 500 grams of our finest ceremonial cacao in limited edition artbox. Free shipping**

  • € 222 of meer
    6x Wild Child Cacao 500gr.

    6 blocks of our finest 500 gram ceremonial cacao in limited edition artbox. Free shipping**

  • € 250 of meer
    Private workshop chocolate making by Malou

    A private chocolate-making workshop for you and max. 2 people with Malou. She teaches you about the whole tree-to bar process and lets you taste all the different steps of chocolate creating. Incl. your own chocolate bar to bring home! Duration: approximately 1,5 - 2 hours. Location: Amsterdam Date: in consultation

  • € 300 of meer
    Private Cacao Ceremony by Eva

    Experience a custom made cacao ceremony with Eva in real life in a very private setting. 1-3 people. Including a cacao gift. 3 hrs, Location: The Netherlands. Duration: approximately 3 hours. Date: in consultation

  • € 384 of meer
    12x Wild Child Cacao 500gr.

    12 blocks of our finest 500 gram ceremonial cacao in limited edition artbox. Perfect for regular cacao drinkers. Free shipping.

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